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Brian and Nicole Jenkins?

Brian has over 30 years of experience in sports performance training, muscular development, endurance training, strength training.

Nicole Hogan-Jenkins is a published, certified personal trainer and certified nutrition specialist with over 10 years in the industry.

But today we're super excited… Because we're going to share with you everything we've discovered over our whole careers

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Immerse yourself in the wisdom of our team of Doctors, Therapists and Coaches during our LIVE coaching sessions every week. Gain valuable insights, motivation, and personalized support, ensuring your journey is not just transformative but deeply empowering.

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How do you know if your current supplements are working? You'll receive test-based, supplementation to meet your nutrient needs and support deficiencies, while optimizing your overall health.

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Receive a plan that was designed to work for you. New recipes and cooking demos added weekly! No more cookie cutter plans! Lose body fat by eating foods you actually want to eat!
Say goodbye to diets and hello to delicious, nourishing meals that not only fuel your body but also nurture your soul. In the app, you'll be assigned to a nutrition specialist providing personalized meal plans, nutritional tips, and easy tracking features to help you embrace the beauty of a balanced life.

 BONUS #1: 14 Day Sugar Detox: Detoxify harmful, energy sucking toxins:

Learn how to eat to burn fat, while supporting your body's natural detoxification process, get rid of foods that trigger cravings and stay on track while eating at your favorite restaurants.

BONUS#2: Consultation with With Our Trusted Gut and Hormone Specialist:

We connect you with our trusted Gut and Hormone specialist who can work with you virtually to test the health of your gut and hormone levels.

BONUS#3: 30 Day Gut Reset Program:

This 30-day gut reset plan focuses on easing into a healthier gut environment by reducing irritants, supporting the body with nutrient-dense foods, and incorporating lifestyle changes that support overall well-being and maximize your results.

BONUS#4: Nikki's Lean In 6 Fat-Burning HIIT:

Torch stubborn body fat with this fat-burning HIIT program. On average, people lose up to 12 inches. You'll get your heart pumping and watch the inches melt away.

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Everything you need to start melting away years of stored body fat.

We've Also Included Our Vault of Masterclasses
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  • How To Grocery Shop For Fat Loss
  • How To Lose Belly Fat In The Next 28 Days
  • How To Dine Out And Stay On Track
  • ​How To10x Your Workout Effectiveness
  • ​Stay Fit Challenge Recordings
  • ​Fat Loss Accelerator Training Recordings
  • ​In The Kitchen: Cooking Demonstration Recordings

Our Signature Burn Method + 16 Weeks + Expert Secrets = Real results for you!

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- NBA Star, Shawn Marion
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- Christy G.
- Jenni S.
- Elijah M.
- Mike C.
- Rob M.
- Jonathan R.

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